Thursday, March 25, 2010

Inside Story: Yamashita Gold Hidden in the Philippines

There have been many treasure hunters all over the world who have been seeking the Yamashita Treasure here in the Philippines since World War 2 ended. Most of them have lost their hope and ended their search with empty pockets but some were successful enough and got away with some gold, diamonds and jewelries but those treasure hunters never went out in the open to tell their success.

National Geographic, Discovery Channel and most international documentary researchers tried to dig the truth and interviewed many leads that can tell the true story of the great Yamashita treasure and if does really exist. But all they ended up are tell tales and some previous treasure hunters (who never got any evidences) were interviewed but all they can say that this was a myth and that the story was just a hoax.

Maybe all of them got the wrong leads or if ever there were persons who knew about the Yamashita treasure, I believe that they could not tell the whole story because of fear of loosing their lives and even their whole family. Therefore, holding the truth as a secret is the best thing to do to avoid risking their lives.

But how did the late President Ferdinand Marcos knew about this and during the early years of his term, there were numerous treasure hunters that were given the license to dig for this treasures in different locations in the Philippines since the 1970's. Actually, I did came across some sites that can serve as a reference to some historical background of the Yamashita treasure and most of them are scams, just trying to attract investors and milk out their money and in the end, no gold bars have been found. I hope that foreign investors would be warned against these scrupulous activities. Even if they have posted pictures of Japanese maps and the area wherein they have found "markers" that can verify that it does exist still these were just copied from other sites that have posted them and made stories out of it. Here is one site that I believe the pictures were extracted: Yamashita Treasures Photo Collections.

Here is a sample forum thread that discusses: Yamashita Treasure Secret Exposed but I do not recommend or endorse anything that was discussed in that link and that there are no solid evidence to verify that all their statements are correct. My purpose is to let my readers see some views and excerpts about the Yamashita gold but have not verified any of the pictures, maps or videos seen from the links above and we do not recommend any of these sites.

What I can contribute about this topic is that it is true that there have been gold treasures that were found here in the Philippines and that is a fact. It is not a myth as most foreigners assumed it to be. Actually, Marcos did get some of the Yamashita gold treasures in some of the spots but still one of the biggest gold treasure from the list is still out there somewhere.

What Marcos did with the gold is that he was supposed to use it to develop the Philippines during the 1980's and the first act was that he have to deposit the gold out from the central bank and in Swiss accounts in different names. After a year, he would be using the interests accumulated from these accounts and that will be the fund to develop the entire Philippines. But this never happened since that was the time when the first EDSA Revolution happened and this was a bad timing for President Marcos since he wanted the Philippines to be one of the most developed country in Asia before his death but that dream was shattered into pieces at the outbreak of the revolution.

He could have instructed the military to bombard the two camps where the soldiers are located and killed them all. But he loved the Filipinos so much and did not want any mass killings anymore at that time. In his mind he may thought that killing more Filipinos just to pursue that dream is not worth the sacrifice.